The network devices page at Delivery > Network Devices is a catalog of routers that AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) encounters during diagnostics. When APM return its hop-by-hop analysis, you can choose to save routers of interest for SNMP polling, and those that you’ve identified are listed here.

You can add network devices to this page directly too, and they can be any network device of interest, though they should be in your administrative domain. Manually add a device via + Add Device, which presents the same pop-up from that you would see when adding a device via diagnostics. Or you can use the network discovery feature by clicking + Discover Devices. The page that you land on is the same one that you use for network path setup. Network discovery based on two inputs: an address range and a choice of whether to discover Paths or other Network Devices; ‘Network Devices’ should already be selected.

Network device details

Click a table row to go the Network Device Details page where you can initialize SNMP Walks and view results.

APM has access to an extensive SNMP MIB library, that covers commons vendors like: Alcatel, Broadcom, Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Lucent, Nortel, Xerox, etc. With access to this library, APM can automatically determine which MIBs are available on a device, and then walk each one. The results are organized in a hierarchical tree that you can walk manually or search. OIDs that can’t be matched to a MIB are grouped under ‘unknown OIDs’; and if the device doesn’t return a value for MIB, it is hidden by default.
Device info
Presents commonly queried OIDs in a series of tables.