An organization is a container for users, licenses, and monitoring points; you may create orgs, apportion licenses, and add monitoring points however you need to feel your account logically arranged. Organization administrators can add and edit organizations from > Manage Organizations page; Organization Admins have access to this page but without configuration options. Any orgs you create will be a direct child of the top-level org that was created for you by Customer Care.

Account type
‘Account’ refers to the billing information for your subscription, not your user account within an organization. Account type can be term-based or usage-based; term-based accounts other than ‘permanent’ expire.
The organization expiry date is equal to the furthest expiry date among all of the licenses in your org. Parent orgs consider licenses in child orgs when determining the expiry date. If all of the licenses in an org are expired or transferred out, the org is considered expired. Seven days after an org expires, the org and all of its contents, e.g., data, monitoring points, licenses, are deleted.

Delete an organization

Deleting an org removes all data associated with the org including monitoring points, paths, assessments, and flow records and captures. User accounts are removed unless they belong to multiple organizations. Licenses in a deleted child organization are transferred to its parent.

Add an organization

Parent organization administrators can add and edit organizations from > Manage Organizations.

Display name
Reserved for future use; leave the default
Organization URL
Reserved for future use.
Primary use
Continuous monitoring is the ongoing use of AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) to collect data. An assessment is a point-in-time evaluation of a network path with a pre-defined beginning and end; the following assessments are available: basic voice, advanced voice, and data. Your selection here serves as additional description and has no impact on the features that are available within the org.

Organization branding

On the public cloud service organization admins have the option of adding custom logos, company names, etc. These settings will apply to alert emails, reports, and all pages after logging in and selecting an organization. Branding cannot be applied to child orgs, only parent orgs.

To configure organization branding:

  1. Navigate to > Manage Organizations
  2. For the organization you are configuring, choose 50x50_trans.png > Branding.
  3. Select **Apply custom branding for ** to apply organization-level branding.
  4. Specify the branding elements.
  5. Click Apply