Global Monitoring Point (GMP)

Global Monitoring Points are Container-based Monitoring Points owned by you but managed by AppNeta. They are installed in global cloud provider locations selected by you so that you can monitor your network and web applications from places where you have users but nowhere to install an Enterprise Monitoring Point without the burden of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining the Monitoring Point yourself. Global Monitoring Points are used only for Delivery and Experience monitoring (not for Usage monitoring). A full list of features can be found on the Monitoring Point Feature Comparison page.

Global Monitoring Points are typically deployed in one of the following scenarios:

  • Customer substitute - Monitor performance to core public-facing apps or internet-facing services from global locations representative of your customer base.
  • Partner substitute - Monitor performance from specific regions to apps used by your distributors, integrators, or retail locations.
  • Regional reference - Understand the performance of specific regions as a reference to identify the scope of issues reported at office locations.
  • Performance baseline - Compare performance of your apps across different regions before and after updates to identify issues before customers do.


  • Only Delivery and Experience monitoring are supported. Usage monitoring is not supported.
  • Voice and Video tests are not supported.
  • DNS monitoring is currently not supported.
  • Migrate monitoring is not currently supported.
  • AppNeta Synthetic scripting is not supported.
  • Traceroutes outbound from a GMP will not show the identity of any hops between the source and target.


Global Monitoring Points (GMPs) are different from other Monitoring Points in that they are deployed by and managed by AppNeta.

To use a GMP:

  1. Contact your AppNeta Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Account Executive to purchase a GMP and/or additional Standard Enterprise Application licenses.
  2. Once the GMP is available to you, continue the APM setup procedure at Set up performance monitoring.