Legacy licensing model

Note: Legacy licenses are no longer available for purchase. This documentation remains available to support existing customers, including those with legacy device models (for example, m20 and s20 (now NMP)).

Prior to AppNeta Performance Manager (APM), AppNeta divided monitoring capabilities into separately-licensable modules. Every Monitoring Point came with a base license, and other licenses could be added as needed. For example, in Experience, only paths that have a source Monitoring Point licensed for Experience could be configured for web monitoring. In addition to module licenses, if a Monitoring Point had reached its max path limit, LAN/WAN packs could be purchased and assigned to a Monitoring Point.

AppNeta Support provisioned your organization with licenses. Once provisioned they could be assigned to Monitoring Points or transferred to other organizations by users with the appropriate privilege. Licenses were subject to expiration, unless you had usage-based billing.

See Monitoring Point Licensing for more information on the new APM licensing model.