Monitoring Points

Global Monitoring Targets (GMTs) are AppNeta-maintained, highly available targets that you can depend on to monitor your remote site internet connectivity 24/7. The Azure GMTs allow you to monitor your remote site connectivity to specific Azure regions around the globe. All GMTs support 1 Gbps traffic rates. Some support 10 Gbps as noted.

Auto-target: To simplify your network path configuration, use rather than a specific Azure GMT FQDN to target the closest (lowest latency) Azure GMT.

  • Note that the actual GMT targeted can change as network conditions change, so use this method if that is not an issue.
  • Also, note that the closest Azure GMT is determined based on your DNS resolver’s source IP address. If it is not located close to the source Monitoring Point, the GMT selected may not be the one closest to the Monitoring Point.

Asia Pacific

Location Platform Cloud Region FQDN
Pune, India Azure centralindia
Chennai, India Azure southindia
Seoul, South Korea Azure koreacentral
Busan, South Korea Azure koreasouth
Osaka, Japan Azure japanwest
Tokyo, Japan Azure japaneast
Hong Kong, China Azure eastasia
Singapore, Singapore Azure southeastasia
Sydney, Australia Azure australiaeast
Melbourne, Australia Azure australiasoutheast

North America

Location Platform Cloud Region FQDN
Vancouver, BC, Canada AppNeta
Vancouver, BC, Canada AppNeta
Quincy, WA, USA Azure westus2
Santa Clara, CA, USA AppNeta (10 Gbps)
Santa Clara, CA, USA AppNeta
Santa Clara, CA, USA Azure westus
Cheyenne, WY, USA Azure westcentralus
Des Moines, IA, USA Azure centralus
San Antonio, TX, USA Azure southcentralus
Chicago, IL, USA Azure northcentralus
Toronto, Canada Azure canadacentral
Quebec City, Canada Azure canadaeast az-ca
Boston, MA, USA AppNeta (10 Gbps)
Boston, MA, USA AppNeta
New York, NY, USA AppNeta
New York, NY, USA AppNeta
Boydton, VA, USA Azure eastus
Boydton, VA, USA Azure eastus2

South America

Location Platform Cloud Region FQDN
Campinas, Brazil Azure brazilsouth


Location Platform Cloud Region FQDN
Dublin, Ireland Azure northeurope
Cardiff, UK Azure ukwest
London, UK Azure uksouth
Paris, France Azure francecentral
Amsterdam, Netherlands Azure westeurope
Oslo, Norway Azure norwayeast
Frankfurt, Germany Azure germanywestcentral
Zurich, Switzerland Azure switzerlandnorth
Johannesburg, South Africa Azure southafricanorth

Determine IP address of Azure-based GMTs

We recommend using the FQDN to target GMTs as the IP addresses can change. If you need the IP address, it can be determined as follows.

  • Extract information about all Azure GMTs.

  • Extract information about a specific Azure GMT. In this example, “norwayeast”.

  • Alternatively, you can find information about a specific Azure GMT (for example, “”) using nslookup.


If you have Python 3 installed on your system, you can append |python3 -m json.tool to either of the curl commands above to produce formatted output.