Frequently Asked Questions



Monitoring Points

Performance monitoring

I have configured alerts but am I not receiving alert notifications when I expect. Why not?

Have you turned on notifications? See Notifications.

How do I test my internet connection?

You can set up Delivery monitoring to test a network path between a Monitoring Point within your network and an AppNeta public responder.

Migrating to new licenses and Monitoring Points

I received a notice that my licenses are about to expire, why is that?

As the AppNeta service has evolved, new forms of application and network monitoring have been developed to provide the insight needed as customers underwent transformational projects migrating applications to the cloud and adopting SaaS solutions. Performing all of these forms of monitoring concurrently requires more powerful hardware, and additional network interface options to monitor on all of the forms of networks in use within the modern enterprise. Additionally updated licensing has been implemented to unify all of these forms of the monitoring, and these unified licenses are replacing the legacy licenses which are being phased out.

I received my new hardware. What do I do now to migrate my licenses?

To make this transition as straightforward as possible, AppNeta has developed a migration process to move all applications and configuration currently in use on your existing Monitoring Points to the new Monitoring Points designed for these latest forms of monitoring. This transition can be performed by any user with an Advanced user role or higher. As always, the AppNeta Support team is more than happy to assist you migrating.

Do I have to add the new licenses to our existing devices, or will they be automatically added? (for m25, m35, and r45)

All new licenses will be added to your account. If you plan to use your existing Monitoring Points with the new licenses, you will need to contact the AppNeta Support team. If you plan to migrate from legacy Monitoring Points to new Monitoring Points, use the migration process to transition to the new unified licenses on new hardware.

Who can I work with at AppNeta to help me migrate?

The AppNeta team is here to help. Please contact your Technical Account Manager or the Customer Care team to assist you in migrating to all new licenses and Monitoring Points.

Where is the documentation on how to migrate monitoring between Monitoring Points?

Please see Migrating Monitoring Between EMPs on the AppNeta documentation portal.


Note that only Organization Admins can manage users. If you are not sure whether you are an Organization Admin, see Determine your user role

Can I create a user with view only access?

Yes. Set the user role to View Only. See Add a user or Change a user’s role and the View Only role under User roles and privileges.

I have multiple organizations. Can I limit a user’s access so they only see one organization?

Yes. The organizations a user has access to is specified when you create a new user. See Add a user. You can also edit an existing user’s configuration. See Change the organizations a user can access.


What are the precautions AppNeta takes with respect to security of my data?

All security related questions are answered on our Security page.