In locations where wireless connectivity is an important part of the overall end user experience, wireless reauthentication can be used to monitor your users’ ability to establish connections. Wireless reauthentication is available for m22, m25 and m35 Enterprise Monitoring Points and works in conjunction with Application Experience Monitoring. It works by performing a wireless reconnection and reauthentication before each workflow execution. Errors that occur during the wireless connection set-up are identified in the web path timeline and workflow execution details. For example: “Unable to connect to the wireless interface” and “DHCP error connecting to the wireless interface”.

To enable wireless reauthentication for your organization, open a support ticket and our Customer Care team will quickly get you ready to go. Once enabled, you can activate wireless reauthentication through the per monitoring point configuration menu in > Manage Monitoring Points. When wireless reauthentication is activated it will apply to all application Experience monitoring from that monitoring point.

See: Wireless Setup to learn more about setting up wireless on your monitoring point.