There’s no cap on the number of services you can monitor with one monitoring point, but that doesn’t mean that monitoring points have unlimited capability; they can be overloaded. A slightly overloaded monitoring point intermittently delays results, a severely overloaded monitoring point intermittently drops results. To help you the get most out of every monitoring point, AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) has a load meter that lets you know when to start thinking about either dialing down the number and frequency of workflow executions, or offloading work to another monitoring point. These events occur regardless of whether an alert profile is applied.

  • Keep an eye on the monitoring point load meter in the right side panel.
  • Error messages will appear depending on monitoring point load.
  • If a monitoring point is severely overloaded, it may not be able to record data at all. In this case a grey area appears on your charts.
  • Sometimes when a monitoring point is configured to monitor several web services, a scheduling conflict can cause a workflow execution to start late. When this happens, a purple diamond marks when the test results should have come in, and the blue pip is placed, as always, where the results actually came in.