Overloaded Monitoring Points

A Monitoring Point can become overloaded if there are too many web path tests running simultaneously. Under heavy use, web path test execution can be delayed. When a Monitoring Point becomes overloaded, web path tests will be dropped. You can view the Monitoring Point load at any time. When there are heavy load and overload conditions, messages indicating this can also be seen on the Web Timeline page. The following table shows the various heavy load conditions, how the conditions are indicated, and what to do about them.

Condition Indicator(s) Message text Action(s) to take
Heavily used Monitoring Point Message The Monitoring Point is close to being overloaded with web transactions. Consider reducing web path test load.
Heavily used Monitoring Point, transactions delayed Message, Purple diamond The most recent monitoring results were delayed. Consider reducing web path test load.
Overloaded Monitoring Point Message, grey chart The Monitoring Point is overloaded with web transactions. Reduce web path test load.

Determining Monitoring Point load

To determine how heavily the Monitoring Point is loaded:

  1. Navigate to Experience > Web Paths.
  2. Find the web path you are interested in.
  3. Click the web path you want to view. The Web Timeline page appears.
  4. In the Monitoring Point Details pane (right side of the page), the Load field shows the Monitoring Point load.

Reducing web path test load

To reduce the web path test load, try one or more of the following: