Set Up Monitoring

Experience Load is a Monitoring Point load metric seen on the Manage Monitoring Points page and on the Web Timeline page within AppNeta Performance Manager. It represents the average percentage use of available Experience execution time over 30 minutes. Experience Load includes the execution of both Browser and HTTP web paths, and is measured every 30 minutes.

As load increases, there is a greater chance of workflows being delayed as they wait for others to complete. If you are experiencing delayed workflows, consider making changes to one or more of the factors that affect Experience Load. They include:

  • Type of Monitoring Point - Higher capacity models can execute more web paths simultaneously.
  • Number of active web paths - The more web paths running, the greater the load.
  • Workflow execution time - The longer it takes for a workflow to complete (either through normal execution or due to a timeout), the more it impacts the load and the capacity available to execute additional workflows.
  • Execution interval of each web path - The more often a workflow executes, the greater the average load.
  • Workflow type - In general, Browser workflows have a greater load factor than HTTP workflows.