Too many apps on your web applications page? An application dashboard is a custom view of just the apps you’re interested in. They offer the same at-a-glance insight into app health, but in a form that helps you and your team stay focused. Dashboards are updated in real-time so you can pin this browser tab and have updates roll in while you work.

  1. Create your dashboard by clicking Create Dashboard on the dashboards page. If you don’t yet have any dashboards, you will get a brief text introduction to dashboards, but the button will be the same.
  2. Name your dashboard. Give it a meaningful name, and press Enter to commit.
  3. Add an app by clicking Add an App.
  4. Define the app. In the context of the dashboard, an app is a combination of an application and one of its user actions. Select an application, and then a user action associated with that application.
  5. Select web paths. All web paths associated with that combination of application and user action will be listed. Deselect any you don’t want displayed on the dashboard.
  6. Complete dashboard creation. Return to the top of the page and click Done. You will be taken to your completed dashboard.

    When you go to the web dashboard, you will be taken to the last dashboard you selected via this dropdown. The dropdown is populated by all dashboards in your org.
    Each application on the dashboard is a combination of a web app and one of its user actions. Choose these combinations when creating or editing your dashboard.
    The Apdex is based on current scores and will not change based on the zoom level.
    The number next to the graph indicates the average time it takes to complete the selected user action during the time range shown.
    Service quality history
    The color of the bar under the graph is determined by the worst status from among the app’s web paths, provided at least 5% are in that status for the given time slice.
    Script completion time
    From worst to best: disabled, failed, connectivity loss, violated, OK.


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