What’s a good Apdex threshold? This question is tantamount to how fast should page load time be? It depends on who you ask, and what you’re after. If your interested in SEO, maybe 2 seconds. For ecommerce maybe 11 seconds is good enough. This blog shows you can generally get away with 10 seconds. Our own Apdex threshold defaults are 4 and 16. It seems that there’s no consistent answer apart from faster is better.

We propose a you-don’t-need-to-outrun-the-bear approach. By that we mean, look at what others in your vertical are doing. Benchmark your workflow against similar workflows on other sites. If you’re ahead and also within the tolerances cited above, you’re good to go. Otherwise you have some work to do. How you set up this comparison in AppNeta Performance Manager (APM) is simple. Say you want to compare your site to 3 others:

  1. Create one web app for each site.
  2. For each web app select the same location.
  3. Set the target for each app.
  4. Create a script to run against each target making sure that each has the same number of milestones, and are generally as similar as possible.
  5. Navigate to the web paths page and set up a comparison report.