Message ID
IP address for this hop appears more than once in network path
While running traceroute to determine the network path, the address for this hop appeared more than once, indicating one of two possible conditions.
If this hop is part of a routing loop, the cause of the loop needs to be identified and resolved. The secondary messages below will help you determine whether a loop is present. If no loop is present, no action is required.
If the devices that make up the detected hop decrement TTL by more than one, the same IP address will appear multiple consecutive times in a traceroute command. That IP will also appear as multiple hops in Delivery monitoring, though Delivery monitoring skips testing on the redundant hops. The IP address for this hop might also repeat within a test if the hop is part of a loop. In this case, the same address will appear multiple times, but not consecutively.</p>
Possible secondary messages
  • 'At least one adjacent hop reported the same IP address'
  • 'Reported repeatedly as part of a loop'