Message ID
Intermittent connectivity loss detected during testing
Intermittent connectivity loss occurred between the Monitoring Point and target.
  1. Re-run the test to see if the condition persists.
  2. If the condition persists, you'll need to troubleshoot the connection. See the explanation for possible culprits.
Although a connection between the Monitoring Point and target host was initially established for this test, it dropped one or more times during testing, resulting in packet loss. The amount of packet loss reported can range from very small to very large, depending on the length of time without connectivity. This behavior could be associated with complete loss of network connectivity, a route change resulting in loss of route, or with adaptive ICMP blocking where the Monitoring Point is identified as a source of DOS and blocked mid-test.
Possible secondary messages
  • 'Packets lost due to dropped connection'
  • 'Re-run test to determine if condition persists'
  • 'ICMP unreachable errors indicate connectivity problem present'
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