Poorly performing link impacting time-sensitive traffic detected

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Poorly performing link impacting time-sensitive traffic detected
A link has been detected with characteristics that can cause performance issues in some situations.
If a full-duplex application such as VOIP is implemented on this link, upgrade the link to full duplex and retest. Otherwise, no action is required.
Voice over IP and other full-duplex applications need bi-directional access to the network in order to function properly. Networks with half-duplex segments that do not fairly arbitrate access to the shared media can introduce very large amounts packet delay. Routers constructed from general purpose hardware and low-end routers may also exhibit this behavior despite offering full-duplex capacity. Networks with this condition might be able to support a small number of VOIP calls with good quality when the load from converged traffic is small. Voice quality will degrade when more calls are added to the network or data use increases. VOIP should always be deployed on full-duplex links.
Possible secondary messages
  • 'Serial network processor or similar duplex constriction detected'
  • 'Half-duplex links are not suitable for real-time traffic such as voice'