Inconsistent behaviors observed at this hop - response does not reflect end-to-end performance

The performance numbers produced by this hop should not be used to determine the end-to-end performance of the link.

Recommended action

Under most circumstances, ignore results from this hop. Instead, concentrate on the performance achieved on the last hop (end-to-end performance) of the test. Advanced users, see Mid-path device shows lower capacity than the target to understand how to interpret results from this hop.

Detailed explanation

This diagnostic is always made with regard to the target host conditions. Under certain circumstances, intermediate (mid-path) devices may respond in a fashion that does not reflect the end-to-end performance as seen at the target host. This could occur, for example, if an intermediate device is experiencing packet loss when responding directly to test packets, but not when passing packets along to the next node on the test path.

This message indicates that there are one or more conditions at this hop that are inconsistent with the end-to-end network performance.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Treat all measured values at this hop with caution"
  • "Review details of each condition shown for this hop" At least one condition (e.g. packet loss, packet reordering) that is flagged by the observation and diagnostic messages for this hop is inconsistent with the conditions at the target host and therefore does not reflect end-to-end performance. However, there may also be conditions at this hop that are consistent with the target host and therefore do reflect end-to-end performance; each condition should be reviewed with this in mind.

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