Path capacity constriction point detected

This hop represents a point along the network path where traffic becomes more constricted.

Recommended action

If planning to increase the overall speed of a network path, consider concentrating on this point of the network.

Detailed explanation

Delivery monitoring cannot measure Total Capacity beyond a given hop, higher than the Total Capacity that hop has passed. Effectively then, each decrease in capacity along the test path represents a constriction on the Total Capacity measured to the target host. The smallest value of capacity at the last constriction point detected, measured in the direction of the test, defines the Total Capacity to the end host and is effectively the capacity bottleneck or "path capacity". Packets cannot be sent to the target host at a rate greater than that Total Capacity.

In cases where capacity is constricted appreciably, congestion may be a consequence. This can be due to traffic levels at higher capacities becoming backed up at the constriction point.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Total capacity bottleneck to target host is defined by this hop" This hop represents the bottleneck of the test path.
  • "Constriction at this hop may be responsible for high traffic levels"

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