Root cause of target host condition detected

A problem appears to be originating at this point of the network path.

Recommended action

If diagnosing a problem within the network path, concentrate on this hop.

Detailed explanation

The behavior of the path to the target host is often defined by a behavior originating at some hop mid-point in the test path. An example might be the appearance of packet loss that starts at some hop and extends all the way to the end host. If such a case is unambiguously identified, it is flagged as the root cause of the apparent target host condition.

The condition may be any of packet loss, reordering, or utilization levels. It also may be identified in terms of a particular diagnostic.

In some cases Delivery monitoring may only generate a diagnostic on some hops. Be sure to examine the diagnostics for the remaining hops on the test path for further analysis of the problem.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Target host affected by packet loss originating at this hop"
  • "Target host affected by packet reordering originating at this hop"
  • "Target host affected by severe packet delay originating at this hop"

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