Path congestion point detected

This hop represents the point within the network where traffic is most congested.

Recommended action

If planning to decrease the overall congestion of a network path, concentrate on this point of the network.

Detailed explanation

Any point where congestion appears in the test path may be considered a congestion point. Typically, congestion affects the view all the way to the target host. If congestion at a particular hop in the path defines the view to the target host, it is flagged as a "path congestion point".

If the appearance of congestion begins at the very first hop, it is often the case that the Monitoring Point has a problem that is directly contributing to the appearance of congestion. The result can be identical to the appearance of traffic.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Appearance of congestion at target host originates at this hop"
  • "Appearance of congestion may be due to problems with the Monitoring Point" Note that a bad NIC card or driver on the Monitoring Point may make all hops along the test path appear congested.

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