Media errors detected

The network is exhibiting behavior, including packet loss, which corresponds to malfunctioning media.

Recommended action

  • Check suspected fixed links for media errors, such as loose cables, fiber connectors.
  • For wireless, try to use higher power, higher gain antennas, and shorter distances.
  • For copper links, check for sources of electrical noise.

Detailed explanation

Media errors can be caused by bad cabling or connectors, poorly seated NIC cards, or induced noise. Induced noise affects copper cables and comes from a number of sources, including fluorescent light transformers, radio transmitters, hospital radiation equipment, electric motors, and electric transformers.

Wireless links are affected by atmospheric conditions (e.g. radiation due to sun spots), distance, and obstructions such as buildings and mountains.

Laser links are affected by distance, smog, fog, rain, and birds.

Possible secondary messages

  • "May be cables, connectors, cards, induced noise or other sources of interference"