High utilization detected

Measurements taken indicate very high levels of performance degradation, likely due to the presence of traffic or other sources of traffic-like behavior.

Recommended action

  1. Occasionally high utilization is the result of delays induced by NIC drivers. Ensure that drivers are running the highest version available.
  2. If high utilization only occurs on intermediate routers along the path, see Advanced Analysis "High utilization detected".
  3. If high utilization is reported on the last hop (end-to-end path), consider increasing the speed of any congested links along the path. One way to determine this is to observe the utilization between hops along the path. Note that between any two hops there could be more than one layer 2 connection, which may require further isolation with other tools.

Detailed explanation

The presence of traffic is measured through utilization, i.e. what percentage of the Total Capacity of the network path is being used by traffic (not including Delivery monitoring traffic). This measurement is dependent on how applications use the network.

There are other factors that will increase utilization, such as delays caused by inefficient network interface drivers.

Possible secondary messages

  • "High levels of traffic or similar performance degradation may be present"
  • "Intermediate device CPU effect only - not present on end-to-end path"
  • "May indicate that the device is over-burdened or failing"

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