Inconsistent handling of voice packets detected"

The path to the target host shows a tendency to handle VoIP packets poorly in some circumstances. Instances of high cross-traffic or high number of concurrent calls may result in degraded performance.

Recommended action

  • Increase concurrent calls value and re-run test to expose potential sources of degradation.
  • Try re-running test with Large Packet Size set to minimum 512 bytes, and review Data view for indications of possible problem sources, e.g. jitter.
  • Look for sources of high utilization.

Detailed explanation

Although under light load the path to the target may transmit packets relatively well, some tendencies to packet jitter or packet loss have been detected under higher loads. This may be reflected in the Worst MOS value in test results. In the presence of some forms of cross-traffic or when there are a large number of concurrent calls, components of the path appear to degrade VoIP performance through the introduction of excessive jitter or packet loss. You should be able to confirm this by increasing the call load to expose the load-sensitive component.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Under network load, voice applications may experience excessive jitter"
  • "Under network load, voice applications may experience loss"
  • "Check for tendency toward decreasing MOS with increasing call load"

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