Total capacity corresponds to a non-Ethernet standard

Network measurements indicate a Total Capacity corresponding to a known non-Ethernet standard.

Recommended action

No action required. Informational message only.

Detailed explanation

Total Capacity is the calculated maximum data rate that could be achieved across the network path. It is a one-way measurement based on the network's capability to transmit in two directions, i.e. receive and transmit, simultaneously. It is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Possible secondary messages

  • "Appears to be standard modem (less than 56Kbps)"
  • "Appears to be Fast Dialup/V.90 (56Kbps), 64Kbps circuit or ISDN single channel)"
  • "Appears to be ISDN dual channel (128Kbps) or 128Kbps circuit"
  • "Appears to be ATM modulated T1 (1312Kbps after ATM and HDLC overhead)"
  • "Appears to be T1 (1544Kbps) or H11 ISDN (1536Kbps)"
  • "Appears to be T3 (45Mbps)"
  • "Appears to be E1 (2048Kbps)"

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