Total capacity corresponds to an Ethernet standard

Network measurements indicate a Total Capacity corresponding to a standard Ethernet capacity.

Recommended action

No action required. Informational message only.

Detailed explanation

Total Capacity is the calculated maximum data rate that could be achieved across the network path. It is a one-way measurement based on the network's capability to transmit in two directions, i.e. receive and transmit, simultaneously. It is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

Possible secondary messages

  • "Appears to be 10Mbps (half duplex)"
  • "Appears to be 10Mbps (full duplex)"
  • "Appears to be 100Mbps (half duplex)"
  • "Appears to be 100Mbps (full duplex)"
  • "Appears to be 1Gbps (full duplex)"

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