Insufficient statistics to generate all measurements"

Insufficient statistics have been collected by the Monitoring Point to calculate measurements or diagnostics for this hop.

Recommended action

  1. If the test is still running, wait until the test has completed.
  2. If no secondary messages were generated, review test results in all views for a complete picture of the path analysis.
  3. Correct any network errors that have been identified, and then re-run the test.

Detailed explanation

"Insufficient statistics" indicates that not all measures could be calculated. An "insufficient statistics" message without a secondary message indicates that conditions within a different view won't support all measurement calculations, and measurements from that view are required for the current view. Review test results in all views for contributing factors preventing full calculations.

When a measure cannot be calculated, this means that not enough test packets have traveled the network between Monitoring Point and hop to generate test results. This could be due to various causes as indicated by the possible secondary messages. As a result, Delivery monitoring does not have enough data for the required analysis.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Not enough iterations for this hop"
  • "Packet loss may be interfering with test results"
  • "Packet reordering may be interfering with test results"
  • "Errors during test may be interfering with test results"
  • "Some device on the path is unable to support requested call load"