Inconsistent network path detected"

The detected route to the intermediate hop is not consistent with the end-to-end route of the test path.

Recommended action

Ignore the test results for this hop. You are testing a device that is not on the end-to-end path.

Detailed explanation

This message occurs when IP addresses are duplicated. This condition usually occurs when someone has set router IP addresses that were not assigned to their organization. In this case, static routes are used to give the illusion of a fully functional network. However, when you try to test to the misaddressed device, your packets are redirected to the properly assigned IP address, not to the intended device.

Since the detected route to the intermediate hop is inconsistent with the end-to-end route, the measurements for this hop will be inconsistent with those for the end-to-end path. Therefore, the test results from this hop should be ignored.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Route to target host may have changed"
  • "Route to intermediate device likely different from route to target host - note latency"
  • "Measurements to this device may be invalid"