Excessive latency measured

The measured latency exceeds some threshold.

Recommended action

  • Change routes so that the application traffic travels a shorter path.
  • Avoid passing application traffic through satellite links.
  • Consolidate your application to one physical site, and for long distance data transfers, implement a presentation layer that is not overly susceptible to latency. Examples are HTML (requires coding), X Window, Citrix, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Client.

Detailed explanation

Latency is the delay caused by the length and type of medium used when sending data through a network path one way. It is dependent on the length of the path and the type of medium used in the path.

While most applications are capacity bound, some applications such as SQL, DCOM, Telnet and SNA (IBM™ mainframe) are more susceptible to delay. Steps should be taken to reduce the effects of latency. Keep in mind that if you are running an application that is susceptible to latency, increasing capacity will do little to improve performance.

Possible secondary messages

  • "Greater than 250 ms – may include at least one satellite link"
  • "May indicate a routing loop in the network path"

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