Responder agent in use

Message ID
Responder agent in use
A target Monitoring Point exists at the target host and is being used, therefore testing to the target is being done with UDP protocol.
No action required. If you wish to change the testing protocol for the target host to ICMP, deselect ‘Use Responder Agent for Target’ in advanced test settings, and retest. Or for a Standalone Sequencer (SAS) test, retest without parameter –udp-test.
There is a Monitoring Point deployed at the target host with Responder agent functionality enabled, and the user has specified that it be used for this test. The Responder agent is used to perform UDP testing at the target host, and can only be used for tests where test scope is ‘target only’. UDP testing is agent based for networks that do not have ICMP enabled, or where ICMP is not the preferred method for testing. For information about Responder agent setup, refer to the PathView Installation Guide.

Possible secondary messages : * ‘Measurements reflect UDP performance’