Declaration Statement: Thailand (TH)

The manufacturer, AAEON Technologies - Network Security Division, Taipei, Taiwan, declares that the following product(s) conform with the listed regulatory compliance requirements:

MFR PN* AAEON Model PN Model Description
xFWS-2363x FWS-2363E6-A10-CS-E0001 m70 Office Monitoring Point
xFWS-7360x FWS-7360E7-A10-CS-E0001 r90 Enterprise Monitoring Point
HS Code: 8471.80.10000 ECCN No.: 5A002.a.3      

*x-where x may be any combination of alphanumeric characters or "-" or blank

Model Agency Test Standard(s) Proof of Compliance
m70 AAEON Supplier's Declaration of Conformity SDoC: NBTC SDoC Cert - AppNeta m70
  TUV_rh_ Safety Power Adapter: JPTUV-05473
  PIC   EN 60950-1: CB2031807146A
  PIC   EN 62368-1: CB2031807146B
  BACL   EN 62479: RLK1806005-23, RLK200413001-01C
  BACL EMC EN 301 489: RLK1806005-02, RLK200413001-01BEN 55032+24: RLK1806005-01, RLK200413001-01A
  BACL Spectrum EN 300 328: RLK1806005-01B, RLK200413001-01D EN 301 893: RLK1806005-01C, RLK200413001-01E
Model Agency Test Standard(s) Proof of Compliance
r90 TH Regulatory Exemption Not required
  IECEE CB Scheme: IEC 60950-1 Certificate: DK-74477-UL
  IECEE CB Scheme: IEC 60950-1 System: CB2031805087A
  BACL IEC 55024, IEC 55032 System: RLK1806006-01

*Thailand does not require regulatory approval on the r90; Customs paperwork to be filled out accordingly.