Device configuration

Whenever you insert a USB stick into a monitoring point, the monitoring point outputs its current configuration. Some monitoring point models support advanced configurations by USB using yaml config files.

Device feedback

When you insert a USB stick into the monitoring point that is on and fully booted, it gives you feedback:

The status LED changes to rapid beat.
m25 | m35
The device beeps twice and the status LED changes to rapid beat.
The monitoring point beeps once.
r40 and r400
The LCD displays ‘USB Drive Detected’.

The monitoring point lets you know when it’s ready:

m22 | m25 | m35
The status LED changes to a heartbeat.
The monitoring point beeps twice.
r40 | r45 | r400
The LCD displays ‘Complete/remove USB drive’.

No response to USB

If the monitoring point LED pattern doesn’t change when you insert the USB stick:

  1. Make sure the monitoring point was on and fully booted before you insert the USB stick.
  2. Try a different, fat32-formatted stick. Unfortunately, not all disk utilities do a great job of formatting at fat32, so we recommend trying a full format with Windows 7 or 8, rather than OSX. Also, not all USB stick chipsets play nice with the monitoring points so, as a sanity check, we recommend trying a second memory stick.
  3. If a different USB stick didn’t work, power cycle the unit and try again.
  4. If power cycling didn’t help, attempt a hard reset.
  5. If the monitoring point remains unresponsive to USB, it’s a candidate for RMA. open a support ticket.