If for any reason you want to change the configuration of a monitoring point to use a static IP address instead of DHCP-assigned address, or assign a different static IP, you can use Web admin or the Admin API. In this case remember that if the new address is in a different subnet than the old one, you’ll lose network connectivity to the monitoring point after restarting networking.

Web admin

  1. Log in to web admin.
  2. Click ‘network configuration’.
  3. Click on an existing interface.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Restart networking.

Web admin

  1. Log in to web admin.
  2. Click ‘network settings’.
  3. Click ‘network interfaces’.
  4. Click > Edit to edit the associated interface.
  5. For ‘addressing’ select ‘static’.
  6. Make your changes.
  7. Restart networking.

Admin API

  1. Discover your monitoring point hostname at > Manage Monitoring Points.
  2. Find out what interfaces are already configured by plugging the monitoring point hostname into this url, under the interface resource open GET /interface/ and click submit.
  3. Open POST /interface/.
  4. Sub in the interface name to which the static address will be assigned and other values into this json, paste it into the white box, and click submit. ‘gateway’ is optional and should be removed if not specified.

      "name": "IFNAME",
      "method": "static",
      "gateway": "GATEWAY",
  5. In the response, look for 'success': true, which lets you know that the interface was successfully created and configured.
  6. Next we’ll need to restart the networking service in order to apply the changes. Under the service resource open PUT /service/{service_name}/, set ‘service_name’ to ‘networking’, ‘action’ to ‘restart’, and then click submit. You will briefly lose connectivity to the admin API.