You can configure monitoring points to generate SNMP traps upon Delivery monitoring violation and clear events from > View and configure SNMP. Traps are generated for all paths in the organization, but you designate only one monitoring point to forward all the traps to the NMS.

Monitoring points may be polled by the NMS for violation events in the last 15 minutes. Only violations on paths for which the monitoring point is the source are reported. The associated objects are in the ‘pathview’ table of the MIB. You can download the latest MIB from the Manage SNMP page. The default read-only community string is either ‘AppNeta’ (for monitoring points newly setup with release 9.10.0 or higher) or ‘public’ (for all other monitoring points). You can change the community string as follows:

Change community string

Web admin

  1. Log in to Web Admin
  2. Click Appliance Configuration.
  3. Click SNMP Configuration.
  4. Make your changes. The snmpd service is restarted automatically after changes are successfully applied.

Admin API

  1. Go to Admin API
  2. Retrieve the current community string setting:
    1. Open GET /service/{service_name}/settings/
    2. Set ‘service_name’ to ‘pathview-snmpd’ and click Submit.
      • It will return the current ‘snmpd.conf’ settings.
  3. Update the community string:
    1. Copy and paste the entire response from the GET request into the body of PUT /service/{service_name}/settings/
    2. Update rocommunity.
    3. Set ‘service_name’ to ‘pathview-snmpd’ and click Submit.
      • The snmpd service is restarted automatically after chanages are successfully applied.
  4. Verify the new settings with another GET /service/{service_name}/settings/

Usage alerts: Usage-related alerts don’t trigger notification by SNMP.