Enterprise Monitoring Points (EMPs) should be shut down gracefully if possible.

Shutting down physical and virtual monitoring points

To gracefully shut down a monitoring point:

Monitoring point Shutdown method
m25, m35, m50, m70, r90, r1000 Press the power button on the back of the device and wait for the Power and Heartbeat LEDs to turn off.
v35 Issue a graceful shutdown request from the hypervisor.
r45 Use SSH to access the device and run sudo shutdown.
m20, m22, m30, r40, r400 No graceful shutdown mechanism.
CMP (AKS) See detail below.
CMP (Docker Compose) See detail below.

Shutting down a CMP installed using AKS

To shut down a CMP installed using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS):

  1. Sign in to the Azure Cloud Shell.
  2. Determine the deployment name for the monitoring point.

    kubectl get deployments
  3. Perform the shutdown.

    kubectl scale deploy <deployment name> --replicas=0
  4. To start it back up again:

    kubectl scale deploy <deployment name> --replicas=1

Shutting down a CMP installed using Docker Compose

To shut down a CMP installed using Docker Compose:

  1. Login to the host the monitoring point is deployed on.
  2. Navigate to the directory the monitoring point was deployed from.
  3. Perform the shutdown.

    docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml stop
  4. To start it back up again:

    docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml start
  • Note: On Linux hosts, you may need to run sudo docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml stop and sudo docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml start for these commands to execute successfully.
  • If necessary, you can use docker ps and docker kill to find and stop the two containers used by the monitoring point. Their names end in “sequencer_1” and “talos-001_1”.