1. To import the AppNeta v30 into vSphere you will need an OVA template, which you can download from AppNeta at > Manage Monitoring Points > + Add Monitoring Points > Virtual Monitoring Point. Leave that page open because you’ll need the name of your AppNeta instance and site key. At the end of the install AppNeta will redirect you to the next step.


  2. Open vSphere Client, select File > Deploy OVF template, and browse for the v30 OVA you downloaded.


  3. Click Next through the configuration options, leaving the defaults if desired. Before clicking Finish, check Power on after deployment.


  4. Wait for the v30 deployment to complete, then access the VM inventory.


  5. Click on the v30 in the inventory tree. Make sure the v30 is running: the play button should be depressed. Then select the v30 from the inventory tree open the console.


  6. You might need to wait for the monitoring point to boot. Once it does, a setup wizard will launch. You are prompted to choose a name for the monitoring point. This is the name that AppNeta will use to refer to the v30, so it can be the same or different than the name you chose for the v30 during the VM configuration.


  7. You’ll use the password you choose here to log in to the v30 console via vSphere Client, manage the monitoring point via Web Admin, or SSH to the v30 via another client. The username is root and cannot be changed. Your AppNeta instance and site key are available on the Monitoring Point Setup page, which should still be open from step 1.


  8. Select OK, and then go back to the Monitoring Point Setup page which should still be open.


  9. The Monitoring Point Setup page should redirect to the next step in less than a minute. If it doesn’t—either because your session timed out or you navigated away—its no problem. When you return, resumes the setup process where you left off. If you decide to abandon the setup, just remember to assign the v30 at least a base license, which you can do from the Manage Licenses page, and set it’s location from the Manage Monitoring Points page.


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