Use the following steps to install a Native Monitoring Point (NMP) on a macOS system on your network. After installation is complete, the NMP software connects to back APM. Once this is done, you need to license the Monitoring Point, set its location, and then set up monitoring.

Upgrading from a macOS Software Sequencer to a macOS NMP: If you are upgrading a macOS Software Sequencer (EMP 8.4 or earlier) to macOS NMP (EMP 12.9.0 or later), only steps 1, 2, and 3 below (Download, Install, and Verify) are required. The existing Monitoring Point identity and settings are preserved.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Download the software
  3. Install the software
    1. Manual install
    2. Unattended install
  4. Verify that the Monitoring Point is running
  5. Assign licenses
  6. Set the Monitoring Point location
  7. Set up monitoring
  8. Related topics


  • Make sure you have administrative privileges on the system you are deploying to.
  • Make sure you’re using a supported OS.
  • For virtual environments, make sure you’re using a qualified hypervisor and guest OS. If not, use a Virtual Monitoring Point (on KVM or VMware) instead.
  • If you are using APM-Private Cloud, you should be using CA-signed certificates. Also, the host you are installing macOS NMP onto should have all root certificates in its trust store (required for automatic upgrades).
  • Configure your firewall rules to enable the Monitoring Point access to APM.
    • The Monitoring Point can still be installed and configured without this step, but monitoring is not possible until it is done.
  • If the firewall within the macOS (Apple menu () > ​System Preferences​ > Security & Privacy > Firewall) is turned on, make sure that you:
    • Enable “Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections”.
    • Disable “Enable stealth mode”.
      Screenshot of the macOS firewall with Automatically allow downloaded signed software to receive incoming connections enabled and Enable stealth mode disabled.

Download the software

  1. Log in to APM.
  2. Select an organization (if you belong to more than one).
  3. If you’re setting up your first Monitoring Point, you will be taken to the first step of the Add Monitoring Point wizard.
  4. If your organization already has Monitoring Points, navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points > Add Monitoring Points.
  5. In the Platform Type field, select macOS (native).
  6. Click Download.
    • The installer is downloaded to your computer.

Install the software

There are two ways to install the software:

Manual install

This procedure is also available in other formats: Word, PDF

  1. On your Mac, open ​Finder​.
    Screenshot of Mac task bar with Finder highlighted.
  2. Select the ​Downloads​ folder and double-click the downloaded file (e.g., appneta-nmp-for-<org>-macos-<version>.dmg).
    Screenshot of Downloads folder with Downloads and appneta-nmp-for-Testing-macos-version.dmg highlighted.
  3. Double-click Installer.pkg.
    Screenshot of package screen with Installer.pkg highlighted.
  4. Click Continue.
    Screenshot of install screen with Continue highlighted.
  5. Review the license agreement and click Continue.
    Screenshot of read the license agreement dialog with Continue highlighted.
  6. If you agree to the terms of the license agreement, click Agree.
    Screenshot of read the agree to terms dialog with Agree highlighted.
  7. Click Install.
    Screenshot of Installation Type dialog with Install highlighted.
  8. If prompted, click Close Application and Install.
    Screenshot of Monitoring Point must be closed dialog with Close Application and Install highlighted.
  9. If prompted, enter your password and click Install Software.
    Screenshot of password prompt dialog with Install Software highlighted.
  10. On successful installation, click Close.
    Screenshot of the installation successful dialog with Close highlighted.
  11. If prompted to move the installer to the Trash, click Move to Trash.
    Screenshot of move to trash dialog with Move to trash highlighted.
  12. If prompted to allow the installer to access files in your Downloads folder, click OK.
    Screenshot of installer wants access to Downloads folder  dialog with OK highlighted.

Unattended install

To deploy to multiple Macs using a Configuration Management (CM) tool (for example, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly SCCM)):

  1. Define an “Appneta NMP” application in the CM tool.
  2. Add the downloaded installer (appneta-nmp-for-<org>-macos-<version>.dmg) to the application and deploy to your Mac hosts.
  3. By default, the Monitoring Point updates itself automatically as software updates become available. If you want to turn off auto-updates and provide updates via your CM tool instead, add the following as a post-install script:

     set -e
     defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.appneta.nmp.plist SUEnableAutomaticChecks -bool NO

Verify that the Monitoring Point is running

Once the Monitoring Point is installed, the macOS NMP menu bar app will appear on your menu bar at the top of your desktop.

Click the menu bar app and confirm that the Monitoring Point service is running.
Screenshot of the macOS NMP menu bar app opened with Monitoring Point is Running highlighted.

Assign licenses

Every Monitoring Point is sold with a base license that allows it to monitor a certain number of applications. The base license must be assigned to the Monitoring Point in APM before it can be used. Optionally, add-on licenses can be assigned.

To license a Monitoring Point:

  1. Within APM, navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
  2. Wait for the new Monitoring Point to show up in the list (you may need to refresh your screen).
    • The Monitoring Point status should show “Connection Established” (Green circle with white check mark).
    • If it doesn’t appear after a few minutes, you’ll need to troubleshoot the problem.
  3. Assign a base license to the Monitoring Point.
  4. Optionally, assign add-on licenses as required.

Set the Monitoring Point location

When adding a new Monitoring Point to APM, you need to specify its location. This setting provides essential geographical context for the data that the Monitoring Point collects.

To set the location of the Monitoring Point:

  1. Enter the Monitoring Point location if prompted during the setup procedure.

Set up monitoring

At this point the Monitoring Point setup is complete. Continue the APM setup procedure at Set up monitoring.
Note that the NMP only supports Delivery monitoring. It does not support Experience or Usage monitoring.