Setting up an Enterprise Monitoring Point (EMP) involves deciding where to deploy it, configuring your firewall to allow it to communicate back to APM, and configuring it to exist in your network and to communicate with APM.

For an EMP that is already set up but needs to be reconfigured, see one of the monitoring point configuration pages (for example, the Physical Interfaces page).

To complete the initial set up of an EMP:

  1. Determine the best place in your network to deploy the monitoring point.
  2. Configure your firewall rules to enable the monitoring point access to APM.
    • The monitoring point can still be installed and configured without this step, but monitoring is not possible until it is done.
  3. Install your monitoring point.
    • Select the install procedure for the type of monitoring point you are installing.
Model Primary (recommended) Alternate
m22, m30, r40, r400 USB Direct connect
m25, m35, m50, m70, r45, r90, r1000 USB
s35 Install
v35 on KVM Install
v35 on VMware Install
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