You can replace a monitoring point with another of the same model. For example, you might want to do this after you RMA a failed monitoring point. Your historical monitoring data will be preserved. However, the path name will remain the same; keep this in mind if the source monitoring point name is part of the path name.

  1. Verify that the monitoring point you want to replace is still listed on the Manage Monitoring Points page, and its status is connection lost 50x50_trans.png.
  2. Set up a new monitoring point.
  3. On the second step, ‘assign licenses’, select the ‘replacing an existing monitoring point’ radio button.
  4. Select the offline monitoring point from the drop-down.

You can replace a monitoring point with a different model. For example, if you need more horsepower than what your m30 has, you can replace it with an r40.

  1. Set up the new monitoring point as usual.
  2. Once it comes up and you’ve licensed it, move your paths.
  3. If the path names contain monitoring point names, you’ll need to update those path names so they reflect the new source monitoring point.
    1. Go to the Network Path List page and click Bulk Action.
    2. Select your paths, and then from the bulk action drop-down, select Reset Path Name.