Monitoring Point overview

There are three categories of Monitoring Points: Enterprise Monitoring Points (EMPs), Global Monitoring Points (GMPs), and Global Monitoring Targets (GMTs).

Enterprise Monitoring Points

Enterprise Monitoring Points are owned and managed by you. You place them in locations you want to monitor from and that you have control over. In general, EMPs are used for Delivery, Experience, and Usage monitoring though functionality varies by model.

There are four types of Enterprise Monitoring Points: physical, virtual, container-based, and software.

  • Physical Monitoring Points (models m* and r*) - These are hardware devices used for general monitoring, monitoring in wireless environments, and monitoring where high performance is required.
  • Virtual Monitoring Points (models v*) - These are virtual machines that run in KVM or VMware virtual environments. They are used for general monitoring tasks, and are uniquely suited to virtual environments.
  • Container-based Monitoring Points (CMPs) (models c*) - These are Monitoring Points that run in Docker containers. They can be run in environments that support Docker.
  • Native Monitoring Points (NMPs) (models n*) - These are run as an application on various operating systems. They can only be used for Delivery monitoring.

Global Monitoring Points

Global Monitoring Points are Container-based Monitoring Points owned by you but managed by AppNeta. They are installed in global cloud provider locations selected by you so that you can monitor your network and web applications from places where you have users but nowhere to install an Enterprise Monitoring Point without the burden of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining the Monitoring Point yourself. Global Monitoring Points are used only for Delivery and Experience monitoring (not for Usage monitoring).

Global Monitoring Targets

Global Monitoring Targets are highly available targets owned and managed by AppNeta and installed in global cloud provider locations worldwide. They allow you to monitor your remote site connectivity to specific regions around the globe. Global Monitoring Targets are used for Delivery monitoring (not for Experience or Usage monitoring).