Migrating monitoring between Monitoring Points

APM provides the ability to migrate monitoring from one Enterprise Monitoring Point (EMP) to another while preserving monitoring history and (where applicable) licensing. This feature is typically used when moving to a newer Monitoring Point model, when replacing a defective Monitoring Point, or when aggregating monitoring from two or more Monitoring Points to a single higher capacity replacement. As part of the migration process, the source Monitoring Point is deleted from APM.

The following are included in the migration:

  • Delivery
    • All network paths are migrated from the source to mapped interfaces on the replacement.
  • Experience
    • All web paths are migrated from the source to mapped interfaces on the replacement.
  • Usage
    • Usage history is reattached to mapped interfaces on the replacement.
  • Usage Packet Captures
    • Packet Captures are preserved and associated with mapped Usage interfaces on the replacement.
  • Usage Packet Capture Schedules
    • Packet Capture schedules are preserved and continue normally on the replacement (given that a passphrase is configured on the replacement).
  • Network Devices
  • Voice/Video Tests
  • Voice/Video Schedules
  • Shared Appliances
  • SNMP Trap Sending
  • Saved-List Membership
  • Base and Add-on licenses (where applicable)

Restrictions include:

  • Roles - Only users with Organization Admin or Advanced roles can migrate monitoring.
  • Organizations - You can only migrate monitoring between Monitoring Points in the same organization. A child organization is considered different than its siblings and its parent.
  • Licensing - You cannot migrate from APM licensing to legacy licensing.
  • Hardware - You cannot migrate from current hardware to legacy hardware (m20, m22, m25, m30, r40, r400).
  • 10Gbps Usage interface - You cannot migrate from a 10Gbps Usage interface to a 1Gbps interface.
  • NMP - You cannot migrate from a Monitoring Point that has web paths to a Native Monitoring Point (NMP) as NMPs do not support Experience monitoring.
  • CMP - Container-based Monitoring Points do not support monitoring migration.

Migrating monitoring

Video - A video is available for both APM Public and APM Private users that shows how to migrate monitoring between Monitoring Points.

To migrate monitoring from one Monitoring Point to another:

  1. In APM, navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
  2. For the Monitoring Point you want to migrate from, select > Migrate Monitoring.
  3. In the Use as field, select Source.
  4. In the dropdown under the Replacement column, select the Monitoring Point you want to migrate to.
    • The remaining fields in the Replacement column are filled in to show the default mapping between the source and replacement Monitoring Points. Any potential migration problems are identified.
  5. In the Licensing section, add or move licenses to the replacement as required.
    • Select Assign New Licenses to use new licenses.
    • Select Move From Source to move licenses from the source Monitoring Point.
    • Select Advanced to override the automatic licensing.
  6. In the Interface Mapping section, make changes to the automatic mapping as required.
    • The Launch Monitoring Point Web Admin link is available if you need to modify interfaces on the replacement.
  7. Click Move Now to migrate monitoring from the source to the replacement.
    • The migration to the replacement proceeds and the source Monitoring Point is deleted from APM.