The location specified for a Monitoring Point and for network path targets is necessary for a variety of reports and charts.

Edit a Monitoring Point’s location

An Enterprise Monitoring Point’s (EMP) location setting provides essential context for the data it collects. The Monitoring Point location is specified during the setup procedure but it can be edited at any time.

To edit a Monitoring Point’s location:

  1. Within APM, navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
  2. For the Monitoring Point you want to edit, select > Edit Location.
  3. Specify the location of your Monitoring Point.
  4. Click OK.
    • The Monitoring Point’s location is set.

Edit a target location

Specifying the location of a network path target is also important and is required in order for the target to show on the GeoMap. Like the Monitoring Point location, this is typically specified when the network path is created but can be edited at any time.

To edit a target location:

  1. Navigate to Delivery > Network Paths.
  2. For the path you want to edit, select > Configure.
  3. In the Target Location field, specify the target location.
  4. Click Next ».
  5. Click Save.
    • The updated path configuration is saved.