The monitoring point location provides essential context for the data it collects. This is because AppNeta Performance Manager is all about monitoring from the perspective of your end users.

When you added the monitoring point to APM, you would have been prompted at that time to enter the monitoring point location. In any case, you can always set or edit its geographic location from > Manage Monitoring Points > 50x50_trans.png > Edit Location.

Whenever you’re setting up a path where the target is not an AppNeta monitoring point, make sure you also declare the target’s location. This variable is used in the default path description and will come up blank if it’s not set.

The importance of the timezone setting

Alert time ranges rely on the monitoring point timezone setting; if the timezone is incorrect, your alert conditions we not be applied at the time you intended. In addition, a toggle is provided to display path performance charts according to monitoring point timezone; make sure that the monitoring point timezone matches its physical location so that your data is shifted the correct number of hours before it is displayed. Set the monitoring point timezone here.