All monitoring points need a license before they can do anything. Every monitoring point comes with a base license that allows you to monitor a certain number of applications. Base licenses do not determine what kind of monitoring—delivery, experience, or usage—you may perform, as they are all allowed. You can see what licenses your organization has at > Manage Licenses.

Base license

The following table summarizes the base license types and the monitoring points to which they can be assigned. In the simplest case: you buy a monitoring point, which comes with a base license, and that license enables you to monitor a certain number of WAN applications and LAN paths.

Add-on WAN and LAN packs can be added if you exhaust the capability under your base license. However, monitoring points are also subject to WAN app and LAN path maximums, a limit in general due to hardware.

Monitoring point License name WAN apps LAN paths
m22 Remote office 5 100
m22, m30, m35, v35 Remote office 5 100
r40, r45 Large office 5 100
r400 Data center 45 100
WAN app
If the monitoring target is 3 or more network hops away from the monitoring point, the target is counted as a WAN target, and 1 application license is consumed. The number of hops might vary across different protocols, i.e., ICMP, UDP, TCP. The target counts as a WAN target if any of the routes is 3 or more hops away.
LAN path
If the target is fewer than 3 network hops from the monitoring point, it’s considered a LAN target. Every 100 LAN targets counts as an application, and one application license is consumed.


  1. Navigate to > Manage Licenses.
  2. Select /files/50x50_trans.png > Assign Licenses.


Licenses can’t be transferred directly from one monitoring point to another. You’ll either need to delete the monitoring point currently holding the license, which frees it up to be transferred, or open a support ticket.

You may transfer a free license from one organization to another if you have Manage License privileges in both organizations. The option is available as a bulk action on the term-based licenses tab of the Manage Monitoring Points page.