For Global Monitoring Points (GMPs), individual Standard and Enhanced Global application licenses are available. Each web path created on a Global Monitoring Point consumes a license.

Standard and Enhanced Global Application licenses

GMP application licenses come in two forms: Standard and Enhanced. The main differences are that the Enhanced application licenses enable you to run Experience scripts at one minute intervals (instead of five minute intervals) and execute scripts for a proportionately longer periods of time. This is summarized in the following table:

Parameter Standard license Enhanced license
Minimum script execution interval 5 minute 1 minute
Maximum script execution time 1 min / 5 min 25 sec / 1 min
Execution load ratio 2:10 4:10

View licenses

To view the licenses used and available within your organization:

  1. Navigate to > Manage Licenses.
  2. In the Parent Organization drop-down, select the parent organization you want to view.
  3. In the Organization drop-down, select the child organization you want to view.
    • The licensing for the selected organization is displayed.
    • The APM Monitoring Points tab on the bottom table contains licensing for each Monitoring Point.
    • The APM Licenses tab on the bottom table contains all licenses owned by the organization.

Assign an application license to a Global Monitoring Point

In order to use a Global Monitoring Point, you must first purchase an application license and then assign it to the Global Monitoring Point. If you try to assign more licenses than you have purchased, AppNeta will contact you so that you can purchase the additional licenses required.

To assign an application license to a Global Monitoring Point:

  1. Navigate to Experience > Web App Groups.
  2. Click + Global Monitoring Point.
  3. For each Global Monitoring Point location you want to create web paths from:
    1. Check the location and specify the number of licenses required for that location (one license is required for each application you want to monitor from that location).
    2. Click Submit.
      • The license is assigned to the selected Global Monitoring Point.

Transfer unused licenses between organizations

In order to transfer licenses between two organizations, you must have manage license privileges in both organizations.

To transfer a license between two organizations:

  1. Navigate to > Manage Licenses.
  2. Click the APM Licenses tab in the bottom table.
  3. For the available license you want to transfer, select > Transfer License.
    • If Transfer Licenses is not available, the license cannot be transferred.
  4. In the Transfer License to Organization drop-down, select the organization to transfer the license to.
  5. Click Submit.
    • The license is transferred to the selected organization.

The Transfer License option is also available in the Bulk Action drop-down. Use this feature to transfer multiple licenses at the same time.