IPv6 is enabled on a per-device basis. Choose from one of the following configuration methods:

Admin API

  1. Complete monitoring point setup.
  2. Discover your monitoring point hostname at > Manage Monitoring Points.
  3. Plug the hostname into this url.
  4. Under the Appliance resource, open PUT /appliance/.
  5. Under the parameters section, set IPv6 to ‘enable’ and click Submit.
  6. Under the Service resource open PUT /service/{service_name}/.
  7. Set service_name to ‘networking’, action to ‘restart’, and then click Submit. You will briefly lose connectivity to the Admin API.


  1. Complete monitoring point setup setup.
  2. Discover your monitoring point hostname at > Manage Monitoring Points.
  3. Enable IPv6. Be sure to sub in your details.

    curl -k -X PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{}' https://admin:<password>@<hostname>/api/v1/appliance/?ipv6=enable"
  4. Restart networking.

    curl -k -X PUT --header "Content-Type: application/json" -d {} https://admin:<password>@<hostname>/api/v1/service/networking/?action=restart


To enable IPv6 on your monitoring point:

  1. Download the IPv6 config file.
  2. Edit the downloaded config file for your needs.
    • Uncomment sections to be used (if required).
    • Replace content in arrow brackets (no arrow brackets should remain).
  3. Copy the file onto a USB stick.
  4. Make sure the monitoring point is ready.
  5. Insert the USB stick into the monitoring point.
    • The monitoring point reads the configuration from the USB stick and indicates that it is doing so.
  6. Wait until the monitoring point is finished.
  7. Remove the USB stick.
    • The monitoring point configuration is updated.
    • Any problems updating the configuration are logged in the usb.log file on the USB stick.
  8. Verify that the interface acquired an IP address.
    1. In APM, navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
    2. Select the monitoring point you are interested in.
    3. On the right side panel, check Local Network Interfaces for an IP address on the interface.