Hostname offers a convenient, easy to remember name when targeting a monitoring point in Path Plus or when accessing Web admin. The default hostname is the model number plus hardware ID, e.g. m30-xYzPd. You might want a more meaningful name for network admin purposes, like appneta-m35-ny. And if this hostname isn’t suitable for use inside the AppNeta Performance Manager (APM), you can configure an alias: see Rename a Monitoring Point.

Web admin

  1. Log in to Web Admin.
  2. Click Network Configuration.
  3. Click Change Hostname.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Restart networking.

Web admin

  1. Log in to Web Admin.
  2. Click Appliance Settings.
  3. Click Hostname.
  4. Make your changes and click Submit.
  5. Click > Restart Appliance.

Admin API

  1. Use the hostname resource in the Admin API. To access the API you’ll need to complete monitoring point setup and then plug the monitoring point hostname into this url.