Hostname is a network level config that offers a convenient, easy to remember word when targeting the appliance in PathPlus or accessing web admin. By default, the appliance gets meaningful but ugly hostname, something like m30-xYzPd, so that’s one reason you might want to change it.

If you’re deploying a bunch of appliances, your network admin is going to want to assign more meaningful hostnames like appneta-m30-ny. While that’s helpful to your network admin, inside the AppNeta Performance Manager (APM), that name is long and has redundant information. In this case you kind of wish you could have an alias. We have just such an option: see rename an appliance.

Web admin

  1. Log in to web admin.
  2. Click ‘network configuration’.
  3. Click ‘change hostname’.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Restart networking.

Web admin

  1. Log in to web admin.
  2. Click ‘appliance settings’.
  3. Click ‘hostname’.
  4. Make your changes and click ‘submit’.
  5. Click > restart networking.

Admin API

  1. Use the hostname resource in the admin API. To access the API you’ll need to complete appliance setup and then plug the appliance hostname into this url.