Deleting an Enterprise Monitoring Point (EMP) from an organization is typically done when you are moving the Monitoring Point to another organization or freeing up its base license so it can be used by another Monitoring Point.

Deleting a Monitoring Point has the following effects:

  • All paths where the Monitoring Point is the source (and the monitoring history related to those paths) are deleted (though they can be moved to another Monitoring Point during the delete process).
  • All Usage monitoring data related to the Monitoring Point is deleted.
  • Tests, assessments, and packet captures are not deleted.
  • The base license and any add-on licenses that were assigned to the Monitoring Point become available again.
  • If the Monitoring Point has a legacy Usage-based license assigned to it, the license is deleted.
  • Access to the Monitoring Point from APM is lost.
  • The Monitoring Point is decommissioned. This resets the APM connection configuration on the Monitoring Point.
  • In order to use the Monitoring Point again you need to redo the setup procedure.

To delete a Monitoring Point from your organization:

  1. Navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
  2. For the Monitoring Point you want to delete, select > Delete.
    • You will be prompted to confirm this action, and optionally to move all affected paths to another Monitoring Point.
  3. For Container-based Monitoring Points (CMPs) and Native Monitoring Points (NMPs), you should also remove resources on the deployment host.