Debug logs

For some Monitoring Points (m20, m22, m30, r40, r400) AppNeta Support may direct you to download and forward debug logs while attempting to troubleshoot an open ticket.

To download and forward debug logs:

  1. Download the Monitoring Point configuration package from the “image and configuration files” section for your Monitoring Point in Monitoring Point Specifications.
  2. Extract its contents to the root of an empty, FAT32-formatted USB stick.
    • There should be no folders. All files must be at the root level.
  3. Edit the file:
    1. Search for the heading ‘appliance debugging’.
    2. Uncomment the line # ./scripts/, by removing the leading ‘#’.
    3. Save the change.
  4. Power on the Monitoring Point, wait until it is fully booted, and then insert the USB stick. The Monitoring Point will run and save debugging information back to the USB stick. The Monitoring Point gives you feedback as it recognizes the drive and runs the script.
  5. Wait for the Monitoring Point to return to ready, which should be < 1 minute, and then remove the USB stick.
  6. Save all of the contents on the USB stick to a .zip file, and email it to AppNeta Support, referencing your case number.