Some AppNeta Monitoring Point models have a web hosted API for performing device management tasks. You can interact with the API via the interactive Admin API interface, programmatically, or via a command line tool like curl.

Creating the curl command line from the Admin API

To generate the curl command line from the Admin API interface:

  1. Access the Admin API.
  2. Navigate to the endpoint you want to use.
  3. Fill in the appropriate fields.
  4. Click Submit.
    • The Curl section displays the equivalent curl command line.
  5. Copy the curl command line and paste it to a terminal command line (e.g. Terminal app on macOS).
  6. Add authentication parameters.
    1. Add “ -k -u <username>:<password>” to the command line.
      • <username> - a username recognized by the Monitoring Point.
      • <password> - the password associated with the username.
  7. Optionally, format the output.
    1. Add “ python -m json.tool” to the command line.
  8. Run the command.
    • The output is the same as that returned using the Admin API interface.