Some AppNeta monitoring point models have a web hosted API for performing device management tasks. You can access the Admin API in two different ways.

Access the Admin API from Web Admin

To access the Admin API from the Web Admin interface:

  1. Log in to Web Admin.
  2. Click > API.
    • The monitoring point Admin API appears.

Access the Admin API directly (hostname or IP address from APM)

To access the Admin API directly:

  1. Log in to APM.
  2. Navigate to > Manage Monitoring Points.
  3. Click the monitoring point you want to connect to.
    • The Name field contains the hostname.
    • The Local Network Interface field in the right pane contains the IP address.
      • Use the Public IP if you are connecting across the Internet.
  4. Substituting the IP address or hostname, enter https://<hostname-or-ip>/swagger/index.html in the address bar of your web browser.
    • The monitoring point Admin API appears.