Delivery monitoring

The application Delivery monitoring functionality in APM consists of a set of tools used for network performance monitoring, enabling you to assess the condition of the networks over which your application data is transported.

Application data travels back and forth through the network between a source (for example, a user workstation) and a target (for example, an application running on a server). The path this data takes through the network between the source and target (all the network devices or “hops” it passes through) is what we are interested in monitoring.

To do this, AppNeta Monitoring Points are deployed to act as one or both of these endpoints. Then, a network path is created in APM identifying the path between the source and the target as the one to monitor. Once this is in place, AppNeta’s patented TruPath™ technology in Continuous Path Analysis (CPA) mode is used to periodically (typically once per minute) measure a number of network path performance metrics and pass these metrics back to APM for analysis. Alerts can be set to trigger when any of these metrics is outside of acceptable limits, and you can be notified by email when this happens. Also, once an alert is triggered, TruPath runs a Diagnostic test (also known as Deep Path Analysis (DPA)) on the affected path to help determine where and why it is performing poorly. All this information is presented on a variety of webpages and reports within APM.

In addition to the continuous monitoring and diagnostics capabilities, the Delivery monitoring functionality provides tools used for specific purposes. These include:

  • Path Plus - A collection of basic network investigation tools (for example, ping, traceroute, and nslookup) and a stress testing tool called PathTest.
  • Data assessment - A tool to assess the network’s suitability to handle data-intensive applications like backups and file transfers.
  • Voice assessment - A tool to assess the network’s suitability to handle voice traffic.
  • Voice tests - a tool for simulating voice calls.
  • Video tests - a tool for simulating video calls.