Set up Delivery Monitoring

In order to monitor the performance of your network, you need to deploy Monitoring Points within your network and then create network paths from the source Monitoring Points to the targets you want to monitor.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Create a network path
  3. Next steps


Before setting up Delivery monitoring you should have deployed your Enterprise Monitoring Point(s).

Create a network path

Once your Monitoring Points are deployed you can create network paths that use them.

Next steps

Once a network path is created, the associated Monitoring Point(s) will begin monitoring the target(s) and sending results back to APM for review.

Possible next steps include:

  • To set up groups of network paths, see Grouping Network Paths.
  • To set up a network path configurations that can be dynamically applied to a number of Monitoring Points, see Path Template Groups.
  • To set up or revise alerting on a network path to define when network performance is outside of acceptable limits, see Delivery Alerts.
  • To set up notifications so that you can receive alerts via email, see Email notifications.
  • To learn about the monitoring results returned by Delivery monitoring on the network paths you created, see Network Path Issues.
  • To learn about the Diagnostic information generated when a network path is created and when an alert condition occurs on the path, see Diagnostics.
  • To learn about network stress testing using PathTest, see PathTest.
  • To learn how to assess the health of an entire network rather than a single network path, see Data Assessments.
  • To learn how to assess your network’s ability to handle voice traffic, see Voice Delivery.
  • To learn how to assess your network’s ability to handle video traffic, see Video Delivery.