Advanced Diagnostics

  1. Enable advanced diagnostics

For any hop, a diagnostic test might return measurements that have low certainty or measurements that are ‘inconsistent with end-to-end network performance’. In this case, APM presents a simplified report where the hop is marked as ‘Indeterminate’ and the unqualified data are suppressed. Advanced diagnostics can be used to reveal this suppressed data and help in determining the cause of network issues, especially in the case of packet loss.

Enable advanced diagnostics

This feature (Advanced Diagnostics add-on privilege) can only be enabled by AppNeta Support, but once an Organization Admin has this privilege, they can assign it to any other user. Once a user has this privilege they can enable it when required.

To enable advanced diagnostics mode:

  1. Navigate to Delivery > Network Paths.
  2. Click the network path you are interested in.
  3. In the Network Path Details panel, click the link next to Diagnostic.
  4. Click either the Data Details or the Voice Details tab.
  5. Click the Advanced Mode button.
    • Advanced diagnostics data is revealed.